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Killer Instinct's character roster foresees an Omen

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Killer Instinct for Xbox One is about to receive its next fighter: Omen, the spirit of rage, corruption and shadow energy. Players familiar with Killer Instinct's lore may recognize Omen as the spirit that turns Jago into Shadow Jago, a dark and twisted version of the warrior monk. According to developer Iron Galaxy, Omen has accrued enough energy through his battles as Shadow Jago to take physical form of his own.

What does said physical form look like, you ask? Well, it wouldn't be a Killer Instinct character reveal without a tease before the proper unveiling. All there is to see so far are the bat-like wing and fingertips crackling with blue energy pictured above.

Omen is also a bonus character, meaning he will not be sold individually, nor will he have his own Story mode. Players who have purchased either the Season 2 Combo Breaker Add-On or Season 2 Ultra Edition will receive Omen for free later this month.
[Image: Microsoft Studios]

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