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CES 2015: Ultimate Ears announces the MegaBoom


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Ultimate Ears has added the MegaBoom (US$299.99) to its line-up of truly portable Bluetooth speakers, alongside the Boom and Mini Boom.

Last year I reviewed the UE Boom and found it to be the best all-round portable Bluetooth speaker I had the pleasure of listening to in 2014. It sounds fantastic, has great battery life, and it is remarkably portable and durable.

UE says the MegaBoom builds on everything the Boom delivers. Key features include a large, 360 degree sound with heart-pounding bass, 20 hours of battery life with ultra-fast micro-USB charging, a 100-foot Bluetooth range, and less than two pounds of weight. Furthermore, the MegaBoom is IPX7 certified against water -- it's waterproof!

Like the Boom, the MegaBoom uses the accompanying iOS app for sound customization and additional features, including pairing with other MegaBoom or Boom speakers for stereo sound.

UE says the MegaBoom will be available in the U.S. and in select countries in Europe and Asia in January. We'll hopefully get our hands on the MegaBoom in the coming weeks for a full review.

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