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Limbo limbering up for PlayStation 4, according to PEGI


It's GOTY Season here at Joystiq, so it's apt timing for Limbo to bend its way back into the news. 2010's #8 game looks set to make its debut on PS4 - yes, yet another system - following a new PEGI listing at the turn of the year.

The European ratings board is rarely misleading on these things, but for now we're waiting on official confirmation. We approached developer Playdead this morning about the PEGI rating, but CEO Dino Patti said the company wasn't able to comment.

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Since debuting on Xbox Live Arcade, Limbo has sidescrolled onto PS3, Vita, iOS, Steam and most recently Xbox One. FYI, the PS3 and Vita versions are not cross-buy, suggesting existing PlayStation owners may have to pay again if they want a PS4 misadventure.

While it may not be monochrome, Playdead's next game looks to be another moody puzzle-platformer with an emphasis on atmosphere. As revealed at E3, Inside is due to scamper onto Xbox One in the first half of this year,

[Image: The Curiosity Company via Fanpop, Sony]

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