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Apps earn more than $10 billion in App Store revenue in 2014

Mobile marketplaces can feel dramatically over-saturated, but lest you wonder if developers are even chasing a worthwhile audience in that space, Apple has shed some light on just how much cash is in play: Developers earned more than $10 billion in revenue across the App Store's 24 software categories during 2014, with almost half a billion being spent across apps and in-app purchases in the first week of January 2015 alone.

Apple puts the lifetime total earned by developers through the App Store at $25 billion. Considering the App Store launched in 2008, that means about 40 percent of total revenue earned by App Store developers was pulled in within the last year. It's worth noting that added store options, like last year's arrival of app previews and app bundles, have likely helped developers sell more than what was feasible in the App Store's infancy. Still, 2014's $10 billion revenue total shows the potential for success in the mobile space, so long as a developer can manage to garner visibility in the flood of apps that are currently available.

All those Minecraft, Flappy Bird and Threes piggyback clones make a little more sense now, don't they?
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