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GoPro deal brings action cameras to live TV


Action cameras like the GoPro Hero line are great for immersing you in sports and other thrilling events, but there's a catch -- TV broadcasters can't easily use them live, which means you're either left watching a not-so-reliable internet stream or waiting for video released after the fact. Thankfully, you won't have to deal with these compromises quite so often this year. GoPro is teaming up with Vislink to craft a wearable wireless transmitter that athletes and others can wear to show their adventures on live TV. You won't get more details until the spring, but you'll see it in action at the Winter X Games in Aspen, some AMA Monster Energy Supercross races and other thrill-a-minute sports events in the near future. One thing's already certain: you won't always have to settle for old-school broadcast camera footage for much longer.

[Image credit: Mark, Fang & Ming Bourne, Flickr]

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