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Google Maps for Android now lets you easily share directions

Matt Brian, @m4tt

While you've been able to share specific places you've located in the Google Maps app for some time, pinging directions over to your friends and family hasn't been so simple. With today's Android update, however, the company has finally done something about it. Now, when you load a navigation route inside the app, you'll notice a new "Share directions" option appear in the menu. The feature automatically creates a numbered list of text directions and attaches a link, which can then be shared via any compatible app on your Android device. WhatsApp and Facebook are probably the most logical destinations, letting the recipient load the link and see the same route on their device. Although Android users are currently only able to send routes using this new option, iPhone owners can receive and load shared directions inside the Maps iOS app (if they have it installed) -- useful if you're the one having to constantly help someone operate their new smartphone.

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