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Google search starts linking directly to event tickets


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Just can't wait to snag some tickets for a big concert, but don't want to wade through the band's site (or the ticket shop's page) to make sure you get a good seat? You won't have to after today. Google has forged deals with AXS, Ticketfly and Ticketmaster that link you directly to tickets when you search for a specific venue on the web or in Google Maps. If you search for a band, you'll also get tour schedules.

There's a little more if you're trying to track down a big-name brand, too. Search Engine Land points out that the Knowledge Graph in Google web searches now gives you links to the social networking accounts when you search for a given label. If you want to see Google's Instagram account or McDonald's Twitter feed, it's a single click away. This feature isn't that necessary if you're good with keywords, but it might help you discover a social account you weren't aware of before, and if social media is your job, you can make sure the right links pop in by following these instructions.

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