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This smart toolbox promotes drinking on the job


You can now add "toolbox" to the growing list of mundane objects looking to up their IQ. Enter the Coolbox, a tech-laden, "smart" toolbox that launches today on Indiegogo. In addition to toting your tools, it packs a 12v rechargeable battery, two USB ports, 270-degree LED lighting, a 10-foot extension cord with three built-in plugs and an iPad stand. The box also has a Bluetooth speaker so you can blast music over the soothing sounds of your miter saw. And then there's our favorite feature: the Coolbox's built-in bottle opener, because what pairs better with power tools than beer? (Though maybe wait to crack one open until after your project is finished, huh?) Pledging $179 will get you a basic Coolbox and move the project toward its $50,000 fundraising goal. However, its creators have an even loftier target in mind: surpassing the most-successful Kickstarter project of all time. So who's the reigning champ? A souped-up drink cooler, of course.

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