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Xbox One's first update of the year adds hubs for your favorite games


Green with envy about folks having access to Xbox One's Game Hubs and transparent dashboard tiles? Well, now everyone has access to 'em -- not just people in the Dashboard Preview Program. That means relevant content related to every Xbox One game (like people currently broadcasting it, game clips, leaderboards) now ties into neat and friendly individual cards on the dashboard. The February update also brings in tweaks to controller connection time and party chat improvements for those operating on different network settings. Also in store is some absurdly specific stuff for folks across the pond. We're talking live streaming TV via SmartGlass to Android and Windows devices in Europe, and expanded Trending TV in Brazil, France, Germany and Mexico. America is apparently too passé for Redmond these days. Regardless, if you're feeling impatient you can force the update from the system settings menu starting now.

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