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Pinterest adds button that installs apps straight from iTunes


Pinterest launched Rich Pins a couple of years ago, adding item prices, author bylines, movie ratings, recipes and just more context in general within each entry. Now, the company's pairing up with Apple to expand the feature and add Install buttons to every pinned iOS app. You'll need to access those pins from an iPhone or an iPad to see the Install button, of course, because clicking them automatically brings up their App Store profile. It's not such a surprising development, seeing as 75 percent of Pinterest's traffic comes from mobile, and it could make finding hidden gems from among the many, many options in iTunes easier. Unfortunately, the visual discovery website didn't announce if it will also be available on Android devices later on. If you're an iOS user, though, you can visit Cupertino's new App Store account or the collection of pins compiled by Pinterest's staff to see the new feature for yourself.

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