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Olympus' new lens camera can be (incredibly) upgraded


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This is no DSLR. It's not even a bridge camera. This is actually Olympus' recently announced Air lens camera, tricked out to a (some would say excessive) degree. While the accessories on show here were only for internal testing, we admit we'd like to do some external testing with it. Alongside the DSLR-esque handle and controls (the Air camera handles any micro four-thirds lens), what you see on top is Olympus' eagle-eye viewfinder that projects a laser bullseye that will hover between you and your long-range target of choice. That also explains the telephoto lens which is attached to what was, originally, a petite camera upgrade for your smartphone. Naturally some extra framework is necessary simply to support all that attached glass. Check its ridiculous backside -- where your smartphone would sit -- right after the break.

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