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Visa's secure payment system is expanding to online shopping


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Visa's move to protect your credit card numbers was apparently pretty popular. How do we know that? Well, it's coming to a bunch of places that aren't adorned with the Apple logo -- that's how. The company has announced that "other leading device manufacturers and technology companies" will adopt Visa Token Service this year. What's more, the company says it plans to use its secure payment system (one that doesn't any of your actual credit card info, but randomized data) on Visa Checkout transactions online as well. Even better? The outfit says that it expects some of the biggest online retailers to adopt VTS too. Oh, and banks and credit unions in the Latin America, the Pacific region of Asia and the United States are also supposed to come on board with the tech in 2015. If that means less worrying after the next inevitable data breach, hey alright!

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