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Apple decides marijuana app belongs in the App Store after all


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MassRoots' social network for cannabis users contravened Apple's policy of banning apps that promote drug use, and had to go. Two weeks after that decision was made, an army of hemp-wearing advocates have managed to convince the iPhone maker to change its mind. The contentious issue, you see, was that it's now legal to enjoy jazz cigarettes for medicinal purposes in 23 states, making Apple one of those boring squares that just needed to stop being such a narc.

MassRoots teamed up with the professional hop-heads at the National Cannabis Industry Association, the ArcView group and that beardy guy who lives in a trailer down by the freight yard. The reinstatement of the app does come with a few conditions attached, however, since Apple has stipulated that it can only be downloaded by residents of the 23 states where it's legal. That means your phone will do a geo-location check to make sure you're in Alaska, Wisconsin or California before you'll be allowed to hit "Get." In a blog post, MassRoots has pledged to take its newly-found legitimacy seriously, promising to work with Apple to "affect meaningful societal change." As a rejoinder, it's also vowed to stop treading ash into the carpet and will stop playing the bongos after 11pm on a school night.

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