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Motorola will let you customize your next smartwatch


Motorola's philosophy is that if you can't customize it, it probably isn't worth buying, which is why Moto Maker will soon let you tailor the Moto 360 to your individual taste. In an interview with Wired, the company's Dickon Isaacs said that the option to pick a case color, band material and size were always planned for the smartwatch, but had to be postponed for time reasons.

When Moto Maker is relaunched in March, users will be able to pick the color of their watch as well as the size and material of the strap. The case will be sold in a choice of black, silver or champagne gold, while the straps come in two sizes in leather or metal. In addition, users will also be able to pick one of 11 watch faces to appear as the default -- although you'll still be able to change this at your whim, naturally.

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