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This BMX bike sensor is ready to track your off-road adventures


There's no shortage of bike sensors that will track your performance. However, they usually assume that you're on a garden variety road bike. What if your definition of biking involves BMX races or trick jumps? Never fear -- you now have an activity tracker to call your own. Iddo has launched a crowdfunding drive for what it says is the world's first BMX bike sensor. The angry-looking add-on (seriously, it's a little metal skull) will capture 'boring' details like speed and GPS position, but it also includes a 9-axis motion sensor and an altimeter to detect your air time and tricks. The companion smartphone app will even score stunts, so you have an added incentive to master that bunny hop or tailwhip. If you're racing, Iddo will let you map tracks and measure your lap times.

This peripheral won't be cheap. You're looking at a pledge between €159 to €189 ($177 to $211) to get Iddo's sensor, which should begin shipping this September. Also, unfettered premium access to the app will cost about €5 ($6) per month once your free period runs out. With that said, this may well be your best option for quantifying your BMX exploits -- give it a look if' you can't imagine cycling any other way.

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