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Gmail's iPhone app adds iOS 8 features, makes notifications interactive


It's hard out there for Gmail addicts on iOS, who still don't have an app that's as robust as Gmail on Android. But at least things are getting a bit better: Google just released version 4.0 of its Gmail iOS app, which finally takes advantage of some useful iOS 8 features. You can now reply or archive messages that pop up in your notification tray, as well as send files straight to Gmail using the iOS sharing menu. It's also easier to deal with attachments now, since you can choose specific apps to view files people send you. Unfortunately, the app is still pretty much useless when you're offline, since it's not very good about caching messages. On Android, on the other hand, you can still get plenty of work done without an internet connection. For now, Microsoft's new Outlook iPhone app is looking like a better alternative for weary Gmail users. And yes, the irony that a Microsoft app on Apple's platform is the best way to view Google's mail is pretty darn rich.

Google also rolled out new versions of key Android apps today, including Hangouts, Drive, and the Google Play Store, reports Android Community. Don't expect any big changes though, it looks like they're all mostly interface updates meant to bring them in line with Google's new Material Design philosophy.

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