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Tesla can now sell its cars directly to consumers in New Jersey (updated)


Tesla's relationship with New Jersey is a little complicated. After first banning direct-to-consumer sales just over a year ago, then moving to lift the ban, the Garden State is finally following through. CNBC reports that governor Chris Christie has signed a bill into law allowing dealership-free sales of the electric vehicles. This gives Elon Musk and Co. the ability to establish "up to four" locations where Tesla could sell its cars in the state, according to Business Insider. Tesla wouldn't be the only company that can sell vehicles in this fashion, either -- the law applies to any auto manufacturer that doesn't have franchise agreements. We've reached out to Tesla for further detail and will update this post if we hear back.

Update: Tesla's response is below.

We heard back from Tesla with the following statement from Diarmuid O'Connell, the company's VP of corporate business development:

"Tesla is pleased that Governor Christie today signed into law legislation that will allow the Company to reopen sales operations in New Jersey. As promised, the Governor ratified bill A3216 / S2098 approved earlier by both the House and Senate by overwhelming margins. Tesla thanks House Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, Senate President Steve Sweeney, Representative Tim Eustace, and Senator Shirley Turner for their leadership in sponsoring and pushing through the bill through the legislature. We also wish to thank Tesla owners and supporters for their ongoing help. We are proud to tell New Jersey that we are open for business!"

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