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Amazon is ready to offer pro services for your home


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Need a plumber, or a tire swap? Amazon is ready to help. The internet giant has launched its promised Amazon Home Services, a one-stop shop that lets you order professionals in categories ranging from home maintenance to tech support -- there's even goat grazing, in case you need to clear an overgrown field. The offering promises to be more trustworthy than what you'd get just by searching the web or the phone book, since Amazon is relying on hand-picked pros that deliver up-front pricing. You also won't pay until the job is done properly, so workers shouldn't be tempted to cut corners.

The Home Services option is available in "major" US cities across 41 states, although the level of coverage depends greatly on where you live. It'll be easy to find help in giant hubs like New York City or San Francisco, but you might have a harder time in less populated areas. If there are enough Amazon-approved businesses near you, though, this could take a lot of the hassle out of fixing your sink or cleaning your gutter.

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