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BET brings live broadcasts to its iOS and Android apps


Nowadays, most TV networks offer live and on-demand content through mobile apps, including their own and those from service providers like Time Warner Cable, Dish and DirecTV. Today, just as ABC and others have done, BET is set to start broadcasting live on its iOS and Android applications, making it easy for fans of the channel to keep up with their favorite shows while on the go. The BET NOW app has served up access to on-demand programming for quite some time, but the addition of a live video feed will likely put a smile on the face of BET viewers.

"At BET we strive to evolve and innovate to exceed the pace of our consumer's growing rate of video consumption on mobile devices," says Kay Madati, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at BET Networks. "With BET NOW's innovative capability of live-viewing, our audience and users will never miss out on their favorite BET shows movies and specials." There is a downside, however: you'll need a cable subscription to use the feature. And while this shouldn't come as a surprise, since almost every network's app requires pay-TV authentication, it's still bad news for people without cable or satellite.

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