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Skype for Android finally works like the iOS version


Skype released an update for its Android app. Version 5.3 adds a host of new features and functions -- many of which have been available to iOS and desktop users for a while now. These include a revamped UI boasting chat bubbles and more emoji options. Plus, when you message with only emoticons, the app will automatically enlarge and animate the icon. You're of course still free to shout "Enhance!" at your phone when it does so.

The new version also does away with auto-scrolling so that you'll be able to pick up a conversation precisely where you left it off instead of having to scan backwards through unread messages. You'll also finally be able view and modify your group chat avatar. Juggling multiple accounts is getting easier too: Every time you sign out, the system will automatically prompt you to re-enter your login credentials.

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