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The dream of an arrow-shaped road car still lives


Don't give up hope for the arrow-like car of your childhood fantasies just because Nissan has shelved its BladeGlider EV -- you may get your wish after all. DeltaWing (which is backed by motorsports giant Don Panoz) has filed for two patents on two "street car" designs that would bring that sci-fi wedge shape to a road near you. The first (above) is effectively a civilian version of DeltaWing's race car that would undoubtedly be eye-catching, if not exactly practical for backing out of a parking space. Another (below) is much more viable, with relatively subtler looks and such radical concepts as rear windows.

There's no guarantee that you can drive something that looks like these. However, DeltaWing has already talked about working on two- and four-seaters that would use these uncommon aerodynamics to get extreme efficiency. It won't be shocking if you can take the keys to one of these oddball designs (or something like them) in the future.

DeltaWing's second street car patent

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