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Verizon says the security threats to your phone are 'overblown'


It may seem like mobile viruses are everywhere, but Verizon would beg to differ. The carrier has issued a report on data breaches which finds that the security threats to your phone are generally "overblown." The total number of security holes that have been used for exploits, regardless of platform, is "negligible" -- whatever device you use, you probably aren't at risk as long as you use common sense.

Computer users are another matter. It notes that cyberattacks against companies are getting sophisticated, but most of them still depend on relatively simple hacking attempts or phishing scams. Moreover, the vulnerabilities used for these campaigns are frequently old ones that the victim just didn't bother to patch. A lot of them go back to 2007, Verizon says. As such, you probably have more to fear from an old work PC than a zero-day exploit on your brand new system at home.

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