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Philips unveils a $5 LED lightbulb for thrifty environmentalists


Compared to filament bulbs, the up-front cost of LED lighting can put off plenty of people, even if they'd save cash in the longer term. Philips, however, is doing all that it can to trim the price of its energy-saving bulbs and has managed to craft a 60W equivalent that will cost just $4.97. If you head down to Home Depot starting May 1st or go to the website now, that deal gets even sweeter, since the company will sell you two for the price of one for the next 90 days.

It may not seem like the biggest news, but reducing the cost of low-energy lighting is vital in encouraging people to make the switch. It's not bad for consumers either, since the hardware only costs just over a dollar a year to run, compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. That should help to silence the doubters and bolster the UN's assertion that fixing climate change is affordable.

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