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HTC's VR headset is available, but you probably won't get one


HTC and Valve will be giving out Vive virtual reality headsets for free as reported in March, but only if you're a developer -- a very lucky developer. The duo has just launched a sign-up form for folks who want a shot at getting one of the developer units to be distributed throughout spring and summer. They'll apparently be "distributing dev kits continually" and sending new ones out every couple of weeks. Supplies, however, "may be limited," so you'll have to take writing up that application seriously if you want to convince them to choose you during the selection process. If you're not a dev, you unfortunately can't purchase a kit, no matter how much money you're willing to throw at HTC and Valve. Don't worry, though: they're planning to release the commercial version sometime later this year, provided nothing derails their timeline before then.

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