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Snapchat adds sharing tools to its news discovery portal


Snapchat's curated selection of news stories called Discover is reportedly in trouble, with traffic dropping significantly since its debut back in January. That's probably why the company has introduced a new function that lets you share articles and videos straight from the portal to your friends. Whenever you find something worth showing to other people, just press the screen and wait for the new tools to pop out. You can type a caption and/or write on the snapshot of the page with a digital marker, then you can send it out to pals you choose as you would any other "snap." In addition to Discover's new sharing function, you can now also take zoomed in videos by dragging your finger across the screen while recording. We took Discover's new tools for a spin and embedded some samples below the fold, but you can try them out yourself after downloading the latest app refresh from iTunes or Google Play.

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