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Facebook wants to help you share that must-read story


Picture the scene: you're browsing on your phone when, suddenly, you find a list of the Top 10 celebrity pets that have killed people. Now, you just have to show this to your friends on Facebook, but that means finding the share link, holding it down until it copies, opening the app and pasting it in, which could take several seconds. Naturally, that's an intolerable situation for Mark Zuckerberg, which is why the social network is testing a way to search and add these links from within the Facebook app itself. That way, all you'd have to do is click the Add Link button, type "10 celebrity pets that have kil..." and the link should pop up all by itself.

Facebook, as you may know, is all about trying to become a one-stop shop for everyone's time on the internet. That's why it's offering its server space to host stories from the likes of Buzzfeed, the New York Times and National Geographic. After all, the more time you spend on Facebook, the more information can be gathered about your habits and the more ads can be sold to you. Then there's the fact that this search engine could eventually be improved so you never feel compelled to spend time over at Google. The Add Link feature is currently being tested out with a small group of users in the US and, if successful, will probably roll out to everyone else in the world in due course.

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