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Apple close to settling with EV battery-maker over poaching lawsuit


If Apple still keeps a "hands-off" list of companies it promised never to poach employees from, (probably not, though) then EV battery-maker A123 is likely not included. The two companies are close to reaching a settlement, after A123 filed a lawsuit against the iDevice manufacturer in February. If you recall, it accused Apple of poaching the company's top-level engineers in the process of forming its own battery division. That reportedly forced the battery maker to cancel its main projects. Apple tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, but according to Reuters, A123 has recently filed court docs saying the two are just working out the final details of their settlement. Seeing as the case might still be moved to California and how secretive Apple is, though, we'll have to wait a bit more to know if Cupertino's truly developing an electric car.

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