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Microsoft wants to keep your online data secure while you're using it


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There are plenty of security measures to keep your online files safe, but they frequently diminish or disappear when you're actually using those files. What if someone tries to swipe your data while you're working on it? Microsoft thinks it can help. It just unveiled VC3 (Verifiable Confidential Cloud Computing), a system that keeps your info secure at virtually every step. Whenever you open content, it's sent to a locked down device which limits access to you and you alone -- theoretically, this prevents even insiders (such as coworkers, cloud providers or government spies) from intercepting your secrets.

It's not clear how soon VC3 might reach services, and it's mostly targeted at businesses. You might not get to use it when you're dipping into Office 365 at home, unfortunately. However, it could help stem the tide of data breaches at hospitals, stores and other big organizations. You might not have to worry that your bank is exposing your personal details during an account update, even if it's just for a brief moment.

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