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Apple finally has a dock for your iPhone 6 (updated)


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When Apple switched the iPhone to the smaller, simpler Lightning connector back in 2012, it also ditched one of the iPhone's most appreciated accessories: the dock. Yes, for the past three years you've usually had to either buy a third-party cradle or accept that your smartphone would lay flat on its back. At long last, though, you have an official option. Apple has quietly released the iPhone Lightning Dock, a simple perch that keeps any Lightning-equipped iPhone standing while it's charging or playing tunes through the dock's built-in audio jack. At $39, it's certainly not the cheapest dock you can get. If you insist on first-party gear, though, you can order this peripheral today.

Update: There were in fact Lightning-equipped docks before, but they were specific to the 5c and 5s (and the 5 by extension). This dock works with all Lightning-based iPhones, and it'll probably be a good fit for your iPod touch, too. You might not want to try it with an iPad given that tiny base, though.

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