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Twitch: please don't broadcast Adults Only games on our service


Twitch is asking that its legion of video game broadcasters think twice before they share video of a game with gratuitous sex or violence. In an update to the streaming outfit's rules of conduct, users are asked not to publish their exploits if the title has been rated Adults Only by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. That's not to say that titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are instantly banned, however, since the Mature-rated version of that same game is still allowed to run.

It's not as if Twitch hasn't been enforcing a similar policy until now, but the company was happy to decide what was/wasn't appropriate on a case-by-case basis. Now, all Adults Only titles are restricted, although if the game is rated 18+ in another territory, it'll be permitted so long as it's not rated AO in the US. For a rule of thumb, the only titles that, so far, are explicitly banned under this rule are Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy - Director's Cut, Manhunt 2: Uncut and, of course, Hatred.

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