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Enrique Iglesias learns first-hand that drones and concerts don't mix


Does the notion of flying a drone around a crowded, hectic concert sound a tad too risky to you? We're sure Enrique Iglesias is having second thoughts. The singer sliced his hand at a Tijuana performance this weekend after he tried to grab a camera drone and give fans a "point of view" shot -- while that stunt worked in the past, the musician clearly caught the wrong end this time around. It's not certain how badly Iglesias was hurt, although it wasn't bad enough to prevent the bleeding artist from soldiering on for another half-hour (see above if you need proof). Here's hoping he recovers quickly. In the meantime, we suspect that regulators might want to spend more time looking at the indoor hazards from drones, not just what could happen outside.

[Image credit: Francis Ramsden via AP]

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