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Showtime's cord-cutter service launches in July on Apple

Billy Steele

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Showtime's standalone streaming service was tipped back in November, and now it appears we may be close to the official reveal. Variety reports CBS is prepping to announce the subscription option to temp those who've cut the cord as soon as this week -- six months after CEO Les Moonves discussed the service's 2015 arrival on an earnings call.

Update: The service is official, and scheduled to launch in "early July" -- definitely in time for the new seasons of Ray Donovan and Masters of Sex on July 12th. Just like HBO Now, it's coming to Apple's iOS products first (Apple TV, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and the web via For now, any word on additional platforms and providers is "coming soon." It's just called "Showtime" and access to the app will cost $10.99, although there will be an initial 30-day free trial. That's not long enough to wait for the (once again featuring David Lynch) Twin Peaks revival, but should be good for a Dexter binge if you're so inclined.

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