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'SteamCrew VR' is the mobile VR game Oculus wants you to play


Since April, Oculus has been running a competition where new virtual reality games, designed for Samsung's Gear VR, compete against each other for cash prizes. What began as a straight fight between 61 titles now has a winner, co-operative submarine game SteamCrew VR, which won the $200,000 first prize. The sim lets up to two players pilot a steampunk underwater vehicle, one playing as the navigator and the second manning the weapons station. Other titles that won plaudits (and piles of money) include Night Cafe: An Immersive Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh and Drift, a game where you play as a bullet being fired from a gun. Until each title ships, interested users can try out all 27 winning titles by pulling the builds from the VR Jam Website.

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