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Amazon is hiring developers for its first PC game


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Amazon's ambitions for gaming apparently go quite a bit beyond the mobile space and "hit" consumer hardware. The e-commerce juggernaut is looking for folks to help flesh out the development team of its first PC game and placed a job posting on Gamasutra in an effort to make that happen. As Polygon notes, the studio already has the likes of Portal's Kim Swift and former Ubisoft developer Clint Hocking (Far Cry 2) on board, and the job listing says that designers whose resumés include Halo, Half-life 2 and The Last of Us are involved as well.

What does it mean? Well, at this point it's hard to really tell aside from the company expanding past the likes of Fire TV and iOS games. Amazon made some pretty key hires, purchases -- including the developer of the last Killer Instinct, Double Helix -- and business deals in the gaming space of late, too. It isn't like Jeff Bezos is exactly hurting for money either so this trend continuing is a pretty sure bet.

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