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Send destination info from your desktop to Google Maps for iOS

Billy Steele

If you're looking for an easy way to send places from Google Maps on the desktop to your trusty iOS device, the wait is over. The folks in Mountain View updated the software for iPhone to allow you to send restaurants and other spots you search for on the desktop to your mobile device for reference while in route. You'll need to be signed in on both your computer and your iOS device with notifications enabled on the latter. From there, hunt for a new dinner spot and click "send to device." When you do so, a notification delivers the address alongside options for getting directions or skipping straight to navigation. Version 4.7.0 of the app also lets you edit business hours for those listings and view all of your reviews and photos from the Your Places section of your profile. If you're iOS device hasn't alerted you to the new version yet, you can nab it from iTunes now.

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