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Apple Watch can now be reserved online and picked up in stores


Apple will finally start selling its Apple Watch in retail stores later this month, but if you're desperate to pick up the timepiece, there's now another ordering method to consider. The company is rolling out a "Reserve & Pickup" system which allows you to choose a Watch online and, as the name implies, ultimately buy and collect your order in store. It's a departure from the current appointment system, which requires that you order on the web -- even if you've just handled the device in a shop. Instead of waiting for the mailman to deliver your Watch, you can now choose an almost immediate booking at your nearest store and walk out with the hardware sharpish. As 9to5Mac reports, the option is already live in the UK, China and Australia, and we expect other countries will follow later today. It seems Apple is finally starting to catch up with its pre-order backlog from May.

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