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Nike+ Running app soundtracks your morning jog with Spotify tunes

Billy Steele

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Sure, Adidas already offers ways to outfit your run with tunes from Spotify, and now Nike is looking to do the same. The latter footwear company updated its Nike+ Running app to pipe in the streaming service's songs from within. In addition to spinning the Nike+ Run Club playlists Spotify announced a while back, the update also creates playlists based on a pace goal and music preference -- a feature that's called Pace Stations. Once that info is entered, the software then calculates the target beats per minute (BPM) before compiling a 100-song playlist to serve as a guide. Match your stride to the pace of the music and you'll reach your goal. Nike says it's "the first-of-its-kind instructive experience then guides runners to their goals when they step in-beat to the prescribed songs." Unfortunately, the Pace Stations are an iOS-only feature.

Of course, Adidas also has an app that serves up songs from Spotify based on stride rate, so if you're a runner that prefers Spotify, you can let your shoe allegiances decide which run-tracking app you use. If you opt for Nike+, though, you can try Spotify Premium for a week without entering any payment info. Hand over your a credit card number and that free trial gets bumped to 60 days. Not too shabby.

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