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'Life is Strange' episode 4 enters a 'Dark Room' next week


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Life is Strange is about to get dark. Well, darker than all of the surreal time travel, stormy nightmares, missing-person mysteries and straight-up death contained in the first three episodes. Episode four, Dark Room, hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Steam next Tuesday, July 28th. Life is Strange is partly a cinematic coming-of-age tale featuring Max -- a young girl who returns to her hometown to find her best friend vastly changed -- and partly a sci-fi mystery as Max realizes she can control time. She uses her power to get out of increasingly dangerous jams and in the search for a missing girl, Rachel Amber. According to the trailer for Dark Room, this one is going to be tense (spoiler warning for all three previous episodes).

"Max realizes that changing the past can lead to painful consequences and that time is not a great healer," the video's description reads. "Her investigation into the disappearance of Rachel Amber begins to reach a thrilling conclusion as she finds the Dark Room."

Developer Dontnod (of Remember Me infamy) and publisher Square Enix announced today that they've sold more than 1 million copies of Life is Strange. Dark Room is the penultimate episode, setting up for what is sure to be a dramatic finale. We've been playing through Life is Strange live on JXE Streams, and you can find those videos here: episode 1, 2 and 3.

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