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Google makes it even easier to test Android apps

Matt Brian, @m4tt

For developers, allowing the public to evaluate apps before general release is paramount -- it helps weed out the bugs that could derail an otherwise successful launch. Both Apple and Google offer the capability, but TestFlight features have only been baked into iOS for the better part of a year and Android owners have typically had to jump through a number of hoops in order to sign up. With that in mind, Google has made some welcome changes that take the hassle out of the process.

First up is a new open beta option that lets developers share a link and let you sign up with a single click. No groups, no step-by-step processes, just follow the link and start testing. Next up is email testing. App makers conduct a private test, but can choose to share their creations with participants via email. Similar to an open beta, click the link and you'll immediately be opted-in.

Creators can still use their old Google+ communities or Google Groups, but they'll now have the option to move across to an open test without losing their existing user base. For developers that like to give their apps some air before unleashing them on the world, the extra choice will be welcome. If you enjoy testing apps, it means you'll still be able to try out cool new features, but it'll now be easier to do so.

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