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Recon Jet smart glasses get the GoPro controller app they deserve


Recon Instruments makes tech-friendly snow and cyclist headwear with built-in GPS, displays and more. Recon's Jet glasses even have a camera on board -- but it's limited to a one-minute max for videos. Riders, runners and powder-fiends who own either the Snow2 or Jet can now eke out a little extra functionality, thanks to an app that'll let you control a GoPro, right from the headset's touch controls. Called "MyGoproRemote2," the app functions just like GoPro's own mobile offering, with all the same options -- preview, record, change settings and so on. Your Snow or Jet connects to the camera over WiFi, so it's likely a burden on the battery for both devices, but that's the price of not having to carry a phone or GoPro remote we guess. The app's confirmed to work with Hero3 and Hero4 cameras, and can be snapped up (for free) from Recon's Engage app store.

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