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Waterproof Bluetooth speaker blasts tunes without your phone


If you want a vacation from your smartphone but still need tunes, a Bluetooth speaker called Drifter may be just the gadget. Yes, the rugged, waterproof and buoyant model is aimed at the boating and beach crowd, but there are already plenty of wireless speakers with those qualities. What makes it unique is the customized Android OS, touchscreen and 16GB of storage, which lets you leave your fragile smartphone in a drawer. At the same time, when you're at home or within range of a WiFi or Bluetooth network, it'll stream music like a regular Bluetooth speaker.

Another nice trick: you can "download songs from your favorite music apps (like Spotify and Beats Music) and play music on the go," according to maker Freedom Audio. With eight hours of battery life, that would make it pretty useful when you're far from civilization. As Techcrunch points out, however, the company is a little-known startup that has only built a few waterproof Bluetooth speakers before. If you're willing to chance it, you can pre-order the Drifter for $200 with a delivery forecast for October. After that, the price will go up to $300.

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