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An electropop band used fax machines to promote its new album


Always looking for a reason to dust off your office's sad, unused fax machine? Here's one: The band YACHT used faxes to initially distribute its new album's artwork. No, really. It's part of a weird, multimedia promotion that defies all expectations: the album was announced as a set of coordinates that led to a billboard bearing its name, reading "I thought the future would be cooler." The track list was unveiled as a Buzzfeed listicle. Now the band held its cover art ransom until at least 300 people requested it via fax. With the 300 requests in, you can check out a high res version after the break (no landline phone required) or on Google Photos.

Fortunately, the group made it relatively easy to take part in this marketing experiment -- it's created a web app called Fax.Ink that automatically sends a fax to your nearest Staples or FedEx store. If you have your own fax machine, you can simply enter the number. "We're doing this because there are 17 million fax machines in the U.S. and they're not having any fun," explained the app's preface. Okay then. The fact that the promotion still took a few hours should tell you something about how commonplace fax machines are these days.

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