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Soul Electronics' new sport headphones double as a walkie talkie

Billy Steele

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App-based personal trainers are great, but they usually lack the yelling abilities of a real live human. Soul Electronics has a solution for that, and it allows you to keep your headphones on. The company is leveraging Kickstarter for its Combat+ Sync wireless headphones that not only keep you from getting tangled in a cord during your bench press sets, but they also pack in a walkie talkie feature. So when your pal needs a bit of extra motivation, you can do just that as the cans have a built-in microphone to capture your cues.

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Soul is looking to add fitness guidance to its companion app too, in case your gym partner oversleeps. That'll happen if the crowdfunding campaign eclipses $300,000. For now, there's a music sync tool that allows you to listen to the same music alongside controls for the walkie talkie mode, music EQ and customizing LED colors. Like previous models in the Combat+ line, the headphones are sweat proof and the earpads are not only removable, but you can wash them as well. The ability to keep those clean is certainly a nice touch. In order to secure a pair before they ship early next year, you'll need to commit $199 via the source link below.

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