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Google Search starts connecting you directly to plumbers, locksmiths


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Amazon launched a home services directory in 41 cities a few months ago, and now Google is dipping its toe in the water. According to the Wall Street Journal, for those "in and around" San Francisco, searching for terms like lock repair or clogged toilet will bring you a list of prescreened professionals in the area prepared to take care of those problems. As you can see in the screenshot (after the break), we gave it a try with "clean house" and got not only the list with contact info, but a way to send a few interesting parties a request quickly. The key here, is that you never have to leave for any of that, and the people listed pay for the privilege (plus screening for licenses and background checks) through Google's AdWords Express.

Homejoy was a startup operating in the same space, and Re/code reported recently that Google hired some of its employees after the business shut down. Angie's List and Yelp have been filling the Yellow Pages-sized home services gap already, but now instead of Googling for a YouTube tutorial on how to fix your problem, someone who actually knows what they're doing will be just a click away.

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