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Sign up for the Interactive Coding Bootcamp, now 92 percent off


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Sometimes a "good enough" career demands re-evaluation. Whether you're looking to seriously upgrade your abilities as a professional developer or are just getting started in the field, a portfolio of current, real-world apps is essential to make a strong impression. Make it happen with this 12-week comprehensive online Interactive Coding Bootcamp for only $39 -- a 92 percent discount from its usual price.

Establish a full developer skill set as you interact one-on-one with the best mentors in the field, navigating 33-plus hours of video courses from Stanford, Harvard and more. Beginners are welcome: This online training program covers all the basics as you start a new career as a programmer. At your own pace, you'll work through training on HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, e-Commerce and more. Get a comprehensive lock on front-end and back-end development, and build an established portfolio of apps to wow prospective employers. If you need extra guidance, real-time assistance is available from trained instructors, and you'll also receive job-hunting assistance upon course completion.

Prepare for a new career with the Interactive Coding Bootcamp. Normally priced at $499, it's now just $39 at StackSocial for a limited time.

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