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'GTA Online' Freemode update adds wild events next week


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Grand Theft Auto Online's next update adds a series of new gameplay challenges called Freemode Events, and it's due out on September 15th across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Freemode Events are randomly triggered modes integrated into the Online world -- while in Freemode, an event can begin at any time and players can customize which events they want see. New Events include Hunt the Beast, where one player turns into a werewolf and the remaining team hunts him or her down, and King of the Castle, where players fight to control and defend a designated structure. Another mode, Penned In, appears to be a derby battle with all cars trapped in a fairly small area.

The Freemode update also includes two new Adversary Modes and brings the new-and-improved Rockstar Editor to PS4 and Xbox One. On PC, players will receive updates to the Rockstar Editor, such as a library of ambient audio and sound effects.

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