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HandyCase adds touch controls to the back of your iPhone or iPad


It can be tough playing games on a tablet, since you can't hold 'em up comfortably like a controller or a phone. Silicon Valley startup HandScape believes their iPhone and iPad "HandyCase" is the answer to that problem. HandyCase might look just like any other protective shell, you see, but it actually adds touch capability to the back of your device. Plus, it animates your fingers as you move them from behind, making the phone or tablet seem transparent. You can even choose what kind of fingers you see on screen: the ordinary/boring kind, robotic digits or x-ray hands.

Since the startup is still in the midst of crowdfunding $100,000 to kick its project into production, don't expect to be able to buy and get one shipped overnight. That said, the HandyCase is available for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, as well as for the iPad Air, mini and Pro. The amount you'd have to pledge varies depending on the device, but it looks like the company won't be shipping out any unit until April 2016.

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