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Apple Watch is coming to John Lewis


If you live in the UK and want to play with an Apple Watch, you have two options at the moment: Walk into an Apple Store, or find someone that already owns one. For many, the latter isn't an option, and the former can be an unpleasant experience after a couple of new iPhones have gone on sale. Luckily, you'll soon have an alternative in the form of John Lewis. A "curated selection" will be available in 37 of its 44 department stores from September 18th -- a further four shops will be added before the end of the year, the company claims. Apple offers a wide variety of Watch combinations, so while the limited choice might sound a little disappointing, it's also not surprising. John Lewis will presumably focus on the more popular configurations -- so if you want something unusual, you'll still need to order online or walk into an Apple Store. Currys and PC World will also be offering the smartwatch soon, but there's an advantage to shopping with John Lewis -- the company will give you a two-year guarantee, which is double Apple's standard UK warranty.

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