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Sony's big PlayStation 4 update arrives tomorrow


Sony is set to release one of its biggest updates ever for the PlayStation 4, and now we know when it's coming: tomorrow, September 30th. Update 3.0 includes some significant new changes, especially if you want more streaming options and extra online storage. You'll soon be able to broadcast or watch games on YouTube Gaming, send 10 second highlight clips to Twitter and "Request to Share Play and Broadcast" a friend's game or gaming session. Storage on PlayStation Plus has also gone up dramatically from 1GB to 10GB.

Other new feature include a PS4 events app that gives you a calendar for new games and other items, the ability to create gaming communities and "Live from PlayStation," a hub for the latest screenshots, clips and news. The update will roll out tomorrow, but in the meantime, Sony has detailed the bulk of changes in its blog post and the video below.

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