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Tweetbot 4 for iOS brings redesigned universal app to iPads


The latest Tweetbot update for iOS might be a massive update for the whole platform, but it's iPad users who'll benefit the most from the changes. Since it's introducing a universal app for all iOS devices, iPad owners will finally be able to enjoy the interface that's long been available for the iPhone, along with a split-view multitasking mode. The updated app now also has a stats and activity tab where you can see the users who followed you and retweeted or favorited your tweets. Its redesigned profile page displays recent tweets, and it gives you the option to reply to each tweet right on the notifications panel. In addition, it comes with a new column view and landscape support for Apple's phones and tablets. Tweebot 4 is now out on iTunes at 50 percent off ($4.99) its regular price ($9.99) for a limited time, though it's unclear how long the promo will last.

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